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Why Choose Study Abroad?


Australia is another popular destination for higher studies. Being a big country with good PR prospects Australia is favoured by many. Students pursuing Bachelors and Masters have a two-year open work permit which gives them ample time to find a decent job. Australia also has immigrant-friendly policies that promote long term stay and citizenship.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the best places to study and work. It is one of those places that have a clean and fresh environment and readily welcomes immigrants. From studies to personal developments, everything can be perfectly done in UK. The United Kingdom has so many places to explore, museums of art and culture; everything is exceptionally beautiful in the UK. The country provides numerous post-study work opportunities to international students after graduation. It makes it easy for students to gain ample work experience and apply for PR in UK.


These days, it has become a trend to send kids for higher studies in foreign countries due to many factors. Canada is the most popular study destination among students from Kerala. Assured placements, affordable higher education, and immigrant-friendly permanent residency policies are some of the major attractions favouring Canada. When we compare education in Canada with other countries, it is evident that the studies are more affordable there. The Canadian government is granting huge subsidies to the education sector which is beneficial to the student community. In certain provinces where the population is less, a student can do a diploma course, a Bachelor’s degree or a Postgraduate specialisation in Universities with only 6 /7 lakhs Indian rupees per annum. This is a very pocket-friendly budget for the students seeking a foreign degree. Even a middle-class family can opt to send their ward to study in Canada with some sponsorships and student loans (or both) due to these affordable fee structure.

New Zealand

New Zealand has emerged as the most sought after destination for overseas education after Canada. Certain policies that were enacted recently by their government are in general favorable for students aiming the overseas education. Even Visa policies support spouses of expats to continue education. Part-time work facility with three-year open work permit and PR possibilities make New Zealand a popular destination.


Europe is the ultimate study abroad destination for international students. Home to the top universities in the world, Europe offers international students a chance to receive a quality education abroad with the benefit of affordable tuition fees. Europe welcome thousands of international students every year. There are English-taught courses even in non-English speaking countries. As a hub for business and innovation, Europe has various world-class companies. The universities in Europe are respected globally and students who study in European can achieve great things based on their degrees obtained here.

United States of America

In every way that we can think of, the United States of America is a wonderful nation. Every field has room for growth in the nation, and there are several options for students to find employment following graduation. Every international student's dream destination is the United States. It is a country with the top start-ups and international industry leaders. While studying in the USA, students have the opportunity to expand their horizons. Don't miss the chance to study at top universities in USA. We are partnered with top USA universities and can help you get into one through a hassle-free process.

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