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Looking for the most popular study abroad countries amongst international students?

Here you can find complete information regarding Top Reasons to Study, Entry requirements, Qualifications Awarded, and much more.

As aspirants who are willing to study abroad will have to consider several factors before deciding where to study. This is one of the biggest questions aspirants will face. Once you decide your study destination choosing the appropriate and right program comes into question.

True Focus will help you in choosing the right course and qualifications will help you to settle your career with the right job opportunities in the field of choice.

College Admission Road Map

True Focus experts counsel the young minds to help them choose the Right Career based on the child's passion.

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Class 11th-12th
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To Know more from our Expert Counselors about you study Destination.
Best in the Industry test methodology. The set of questions reveal your innate strength areas - Student to take the online assessment - Typically takes 45-60 mints.
The Standardized test such as SAT/ACT/AP/IELTS/TOEFL helps students to enhance performance on an examination leading to occupation eligibility or admission to post-secondary institutions.
In simpler terms, profile building is a process of developing projects and skills which can be showcased in your CV, to enhance your chances of achieving your educational and professional goals.
Exploring career paths is a process that looks unique for everyone and our Team will help you to choose the right UNIVERSITY COURSE and COUNTRY based on the Students profile and test scores.
The college application process can seem intimidating, especially if students don't have parents or siblings who have already been through it and can offer advice, We at True Focus help in - Build your College List, Get your Transcript Evaluated, Prepare Recommendation Letters, The Statement of Purpose ( SOP ) The Standardized Tests, The CV , Financial Aid Assistance, University Interview Prep ....
Expert Visa Mock Interviews, Documentation Filing for all the Countries and post the Visa approval we will help the student with Ticketing, Housing, and pre-departure orientation.
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